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I am having trouble signing in or do not know my login credentials. What can I do?
I am having trouble signing in or do not know my login credentials. What can I do?

This article explains what to do if you are unable to remember your login details

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I do not know which email address I registered with:

Firstly, please try signing in with the email addresses you may have used to register with. You will also have a confirmation email for your registration in the email inbox you registered for Skoove with - perhaps try searching for it in your email inboxes to find out which address you used. 


If you registered with Facebook, then please click the "Log in with Facebook" button when logging in. 

If you are still unable to figure out which email you have registered/subscribed with, please contact our support team either via email to or via the chat function on our website/in the app. Please forward us all the email addresses you can think of that you may have used to register with, your full name and any other identification markers you can think of like your credit card's last 4 digits or a promotional code you may have used when registering. This will help us find your user account faster.

I do not know my password:

To reset your password, simply click the option “Forgot password” on the login screen:




On the next page, type in the email address you have registered to Skoove with.

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an email from us. If within 5 minutes you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder - if the email is not there either, then we suggest trying to request the password reset again by using Google Chrome as the browser.

Once you have received the email, simply follow the instructions, and you will have regained access to your account within a minute.

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