Skoove partnered with many great piano brands to ensure compatibility. On top of that, most of the keyboards below will ship with a free Skoove trial (subject to availability in your region).

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide, highlighting some of the best piano keyboards, that will help you make a better and more informed decision when finding your first or next digital piano.

Most Alesis, Kawai, Korg, Roland, Samick and Williams keyboards/pianos will work perfectly with Skoove. Here are some recommendations for you:

Alesis Harmony 61 ~ $/€150

Alesis Recital Pro ~ $/€400

Kawai ES-110 ~ $/€600

Kawai CN-17 ~ $/€900

Korg XE20 ~ $/€900

Korg B2 ~ $/€400

Roland GO Series ~ $/€300

Roland FP-30 ~ $/€600

Samick SP-1000

Samick NSP-270

Thomann DP-26 ~ $/€300

Thomann SP-5600 ~ $/€360

Williams Legato ~ $/€300

Williams Rhapsody ~ $/€600

All of these can connect to the Skoove app on your device with a USB cable (sometimes not included).

Generally speaking, try to avoid low cost/no-name brands. We find that they frequently lose MIDI connection which might limit your joy of playing piano.

Many low and mid-level keyboards are sold without a power adapter or keyboard stand. Double-check that at least a power cord is included (or buy one separately) so you won’t have to constantly swap out batteries.

Do you have an old Keyboard? -> You can connect most old keyboards to Skoove without any trouble.

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