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A loading wheel is usually a symptom of a performance problem. Below are some helpful tips for resolving a loading issue in our Web, iOS or Android App.

I am using Skoove Web App

  • Do you have many programs and tabs open? Skoove works much better without many background applications open.

  • Can you restart the browser and / or the computer? We recommend using Google Chrome as the browser as it is most reliable when using Skoove.

  • Have you tried clearing the cache and cookies of your browser? 

  • Do you have any browser plugins or extensions running which could prevent Skoove from working properly such as ad blockers? If yes, please disable all plugins and restart Skoove. If you are unsure whether or not you have any add-ons installed, you can try opening a lesson on Chrome's incognito mode - it disables plugins and add-ons automatically. 

  • Sometimes your router might have an ad-blocker set up as a default - please check your router settings as well.

  • Are you using a VPN? If yes, please disable it!

I am using Skoove iOS/Android App

  • Please check the connection you are using. Is it through Wi-Fi or are you using 3G? Sometimes the loading issue is caused by a weak signal.

  • Try refreshing the App by restarting it: shut down the app, and simply re-open the App and login. 

  • You can also try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it afterwards. Please also check that your Android/iOS version and the Skoove app version are up to date. 

If you are still experiencing issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. In order for our support team to help you as efficiently as possible, we would ask you to provide us with a screenshot of the issue, and tell us in which course(s)/lesson(s) it happens in.

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