You can either connect your keyboard to your computer via MIDI or USB cable or use the acoustic mode on Skoove and just play your keyboard relatively close to your computer microphone.

Most keyboards come with either a MIDI or USB port. Check the back or underneath of your keyboard and look for something like this:

If your keyboard has both, USB is usually easier to work with. You may already have the cable required if you have a printer or scanner. The standard A-to-B USB 2.0 cable is easy to find and is only a few dollars/euros.

However, if your keyboard comes with MIDI port only, we recommend trying one of these MIDI interfaces:

Thomann Midi USB 1x1

M-Audio USB Uno USB-MIDI-Interface

These two are the most compatible and affordable USB-to-MIDI adapters we have found. They work with all keyboards, don't require you to install any drivers and cost only about $/€15-30.

Make sure that you wire the MIDI cables correctly: The In-cable goes to your keyboard's MIDI Out port.

We kindly advise against buying cheap or generic MIDI adapters, as incompatible and flakey adapters can cause problems and affect your learning experience on Skoove.


Simply connect your keyboard to your laptop/computer with the correct cable, make sure your keyboard is turned on, and proceed to keyboard settings to set up your keyboard

  • If you have your keyboard connected to your device with a cable or you have connected your keyboard to your laptop/computer via Bluetooth, select "USB or MIDI keyboard"

  • If your keyboard does not have a MIDI/USB port and you would like to use your device's microphone to detect your playing, select "Acoustic piano"

After selecting your input type, just follow the instructions on the screen!


There are a few different ways to set up your MIDI/USB keyboard on Skoove with your iPhone or iPad. 

Connect via 'USB Camera Adapter'

Keyboards usually come with either a USB or MIDI port. If you have an iPhone or an iPad with a lightning connector, first connect your USB cable to the keyboard and to a 'Lightning to USB Camera Adapter' (see picture below).

Once you have connected your USB cable to the keyboard and to a 'Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, plug the suitable adapter into the iPhone / iPad. We recommend using only original Apple adapters. Once you have connected the cables, please proceed to the keyboard settings, choose "USB or MIDI keyboard", and follow the instructions on the screen.

Please note that your iPhone / iPad output may not have enough power for your MIDI controller which might lead to the MIDI connection being lost every now and then.

Connect via 'iRig MIDI 2'

A more expensive option is connecting your keyboard to your iOS device via the 'iRig MIDI 2 Connector' (see picture below).

Connect via Bluetooth (iOS only)

  • Log in to the Skoove app

  • Press the Menu button

  • Select ‘Settings’

  • Select ‘Piano/Keyboard’ on the Settings page

  • Select ‘Bluetooth’ on the Keyboard Settings page

  • (Press ‘OK’ when you are asked to allow Skoove to use Bluetooth)

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Bluetooth MIDI device

  • Select the name of your Bluetooth MIDI device from the list

  • Select ‘Continue’ when your Bluetooth MIDI device is connected

  • Follow the instructions on the following pages


If you are unsure what connection type to use with your keyboard/piano, please feel free to reach out to our support team. Just forward us your keyboard brand and model name, and we can help you choose the correct connection method for your keyboard!


First of all, please establish what sort of connection you have on your Android phone/ tablet.

It can be:

1. ‘Micro-USB’ port or
2. ‘USB-C’

There are two solutions to set up a MIDI connection:

1. You can use any USB cable whose ends fit into the respective ports of the keyboard and smartphone/tablet.

2. You can use the USB cable that came with the keyboard or the MIDI USB Adapter and connect it with an OTG (on-the-go) adapter that fits into the charging port of your smartphone/tablet. Here’s a USB-C OTG adapter for example:

If you have a Keyboard with MIDI in/out only, you may use a MIDI-USB Adapter, for example iRig MIDI connector with USB to Mini-DIN cable:

Make sure that you wire the MIDI cable correctly: The In-cable goes to your keyboard's MIDI Out port. Now plug the USB end of your keyboard/Midi controller/midi adapter cable into the USB connector of the OTG adapter.

Once you have connected the cables, please proceed to Skoove

  1. ‘Settings’

  2. ‘Piano/Keyboard’

  3. Choose ‘Cable (Midi)’

and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.

Need help connecting your devices? Just send a message to

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