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Simply pause the lesson, tap "Tempo" & choose your tempo.

Please note that you can't change the tempo in "Get to know the song" & few other steps.


If you’re on our website, there’s currently no feature to pause or slow down the pace of the lessons/songs. However, there are three modes. 

  • In the first mode “Get to know the song”, you get familiar with the piece by listening to it and seeing how it should be played. 

  • In the second mode, "Learn the keys", Skoove is waiting for you - you set the tempo! This means you can play as slow or fast as you want or need to in order to get the notes right.

The third mode, "Play in time", is about "keeping the rhythm". If you feel uncomfortable with the pace, we recommend playing in the second mode for a longer period of time, until you feel prepared to “play in time”.

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