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What is the correct hand and sitting position?
What is the correct hand and sitting position?

This article explains the correct hand and sitting posture you should use when playing

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1. Body position

You want to make sure that you are sitting close enough to the piano that your hands can fully graze the keys.  Find a place such that the middle of the keyboard is right in front of you and be sure to sit up straight. You will want to tilt your elbows outwards from your body so that your upper arms are slightly angled above your wrists.

2. Hand position

Just like with typing on your laptop, you want your fingers to be slightly bent. Flat fingers mashing down on the piano will not give you the flexibility you need in the long run. You will gradually learn how to differ between volume levels by changing the intensity of your touch, but not the position.

3. Feet position

Most pianos, even keyboards, are equipped with at least one pedal to soften the transition between the notes you play, but the main use of your feet will involve keeping time. Once you get comfortable enough to incorporate songs’ rhythms into your playing, tapping your feet on the floor to keep time will very much come in handy.  

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